Belmont Yacht Club extends to you an open invitation of membership to come and join our BYC family within the boating community of Chicago. Located at the North end of Belmont Harbor in Chicago, the Belmont Yacht Club was founded in 1973 by boating enthusiasts who share a common interest and passion for recreational boating, both power and sail.

Membership in the Belmont Yacht Club entitles you to:

Make New Friends: The boating community is a friendly group as a whole, but sharing the joys of boating with fellow yacht club members makes it that much more special.

The John B Mack II: Our private, members only club ship located right on the water in Belmont Harbor near the north dingy dock.

Private Washroom Facilities: Clean and safe facilities open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all season long, because you have the keys.

Cooking and Bar Facilities: Outfitted with an honor bar stocked with mixers and beer, and a full galley including warming ovens, microwave, and a refrigerator / freezer. We also have gas and charcoal grills on the adjacent shore-side deck area.

Free Ice: Need some ice before you head out? Our high volume icemaker is full of ice and free for the taking, and feel free to make some popcorn in our theater quality popcorn maker.

High Speed Wireless Internet Access: Check your e-mail and re-check the latest weather forecast again before you shove off. Limited wireless access outside of club area.

Reciprocity at Other Yacht Clubs: Through our membership in The Register of American Yacht Clubs, BYC members have reciprocity rights with 250+ yacht clubs outside of a fifty mile radius of our club, located throughout the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. When you travel you can visit other yacht clubs and be treated as an honored guest; whether it is in Milwaukee, San Diego, or St. Thomas.

Boating Related Activities: Belmont Yacht Club offers events year round, enabling the members to share common interest events and experiences throughout the year.

Major events include the Fleet Review in spring, Summer Fleet Cruises to distant harbors, the Chicago Air & Water Show, and participation in Venetian Nights parade of boats. Social events include our progressive dinner, wine and cheese parties, and steak cookouts. In the fall it’s the Commodore’s Ball, and winter Dinner Parties make up the rostrum of social activities a member can expect to participate in.

If competition is in your blood, the Belmont Yacht Club can be your entry into local and national level events for either power or sail boats. From the internationally renowned annual Chicago to Mackinac race, the Chicago Yachting Association sponsored Predicted Log competitions for powerboats, and Belmont Yacht Club is the host club of the annual “There and Back Sailing Race” for solo, short-handed, and fully crewed vessels.

Advancement in navigational and boating skills is possible through programs offered by many Belmont Yacht Club associated groups. Promoting education to improve skills in Navigation, First Aid and General Boating Safety are part of the Club’s commitment to improving and bettering the experience of boating. The Club also sponsors annual U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary courtesy boat inspections in the harbor each year.

BYC Byline, Our Monthly Newsletter: The Byline, will keep you up to date on all the upcoming race, informational, and social events planned by the board.

Harbor Representation; Your Voice Will Be Heard: Belmont Yacht Club is the on-site representatives of its membership when talking to the Belmont Harbormaster and Westrec Marinas. If you are having problems or see a need for improvement, we can talk to harbormaster as a collective voice while working toward resolutions.

No Boat? No Problem: You do not need to own a boat to be a member; in fact about one quarter of our members do not own a boat. Some of these members crew on other people’s boats, some are between boats, some rent or charter boats, and some just like being around the boating community. It doesn’t matter, you WILL feel welcomed.

You are always welcome to drop by the club ship and say hello. Because we are not a staffed club there may not always be anyone aboard to show you around, but if there is, we would be happy to show off our club ship to visitors. Don’t be shy. We are a club full of people that love life, not pretense. If you see someone onboard, come on down and say hi; or to arrange a visit, e-mail or call us and we will be happy to “meet you at the club.”

Requirements for Membership: Belmont Yacht Club membership requirements as per our bylaws: “Any person of the age of twenty-one years or more and of good moral character, interested in Corinthian seamanship and boating safety may be elected to Regular Membership in the Club.” No person shall be denied membership because of race, religious affiliation, or sex. Membership shall be granted on a non-discriminatory basis. Persons applying for membership in the Belmont Yacht Club must be recommended to the board by a current member in good standing. Don’t know any members? Contact us and we can introduce you to several.

Yearly Dues: The current dues for Regular Membership are $450.00 / year, and require a one-time initiation fee of $150. We have no required yearly spending or any other regular fees or dues.

What to Do Next to Join: Fill out the Application for Membership below and submit it electronically. You can submit your payment via PayPal after you submit your information below or we will then contact you for your payment of $600 ($450 membership + $150 initiation). Fees must be received before membership will be considered. If you choose not to use PayPal you may either drop a check off at the club or mail it to us at; Belmont Yacht Club, P. O. Box 13130, Chicago, Illinois 60613-0130. Make your check out to Belmont Yacht Club and be sure it has the name of the Skipper (main applicant) clearly marked.

If you have further questions, leave a message on our club voicemail 773-871-4424 and a member will call you back or email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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